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Nancy Stubblefield

Nancy is a graduate of Duke University. In addition to her avid interest in travel Nancy has extensive experience in alternative healing modalities and nutrition. She has graduated from the the Core Star Energetic's healing curriculum, the EMF Balancing technique training and has graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Nancy is working on a novel and a book that will explain the interconnection between the spiritual, the human energy field, the physical and the nutrition necessary to maintain optimum health. Nancy is an excellent public speaker and has facilitated personal growth sessions in both the United States and Europe. Nancy and her husband Keith who have been married 35 years live in Liberty, Missouri.


Keith Stubblefield

Keith is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Keith has a varied background. He worked in the aviation industry for over 25 years with a number of companies including Cessna and Saudi Arabian Airlines. He has loved computers since he saw his first Apple II e and computers have become a part of his life. Keith and his wife of 35 years Nancy own a computer ergonomics business. Keith is an experienced public speaker having provided over 700 seminars for Padget-Thompson and the American Management Association in both the United States, Canada and Europe. The topics included computer and software basics as well as customer service, management improvement topics and all aspects of the Internet. Keith is working on a novel of discovery set in the North woods of Canada. Keith lives with his wife Nancy in Liberty, Missouri