Thanks for taking the time to look at our donation page. We would love to travel more and leave many more postcards, however, travel these days is expensive. One of the ways we have kept the costs down is to travel on the off season, at least in Europe.

We will also use any donations to offset the cost of running this web site.

So, please feel free to click on the Paypal donate link and donate based on the enjoyment you got from the site and the enjoyment you'll get in the future as more cards are returned.

Some people have asked what they should donate. Any amount is fine with us, however, here are some ideas that might appeal to you.

Did you get as much enjoyment as a movie? Donate the cost of a movie where you live.

Did you get as much enjoyment as a baseball or football game? donate as much as you would have spent at the game.

Donate $10K USD and we'll take you on a 5 day 4 night trip to our favorite town Amsterdam. It would include coach airfare, accommodations in a Tulip Inn, day trips to Delft, Alkmeer to see the cheese market, Rotterdam for a harbor tour, A night time boat tour of the Amsterdam canals, the Amsterdam red light district, and depending on the timing a visit to the tulip fields, the Van Gogh museum, the renowned coffee shops and much much more. Shoot us an e-mail about this before you donate. We are not professional tour guides.


You can donate using the PayPal button below!