Date left: May 14, 2005
Date found: June 8, 2005

Days: 25

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)


Postcard text: This postcard is, we believe, in French. We would love to have a translation from a natural speaker of French. If you could help with that we would be happy to acknowledge your assistance. Click here for a larger view of the card which might make it easier to read.


We did not find this card in room 32, but 36 where we have been sojourning for 5 days. We found your card upon arrival on the page "Coffie Shop" (sic) in a book on Amsterdam found in the drawer of a small table. This discovery shaped our vacation (initially dedicated to cultures, the museums, etc.) towards the genre of debauchery and excess. And that's thus very good.

Best Wishes, X and Y

The translator is Bradford Baucom. Thank you Brad!

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