Date left: February 18, 2007
Date found: May 23, 2008

Days: 460

Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Postcard text: OK as you can probably tell this card is in French. We would love to have the card translated by a native speaker of French. We would be happy to give you credit for your work. Click here to see a VERY LARGE version of the postcard which might help you see the words better.

Translation from Julie N. in France:

Hi, I'm Julie, and I speak just a little bit English. I'm sender's sister, and I'll try to translate this card. "Amsterdam, 05.23.2007. Trying to move the safe of the bedroom #71, I discovered this letter, or rather, this card without friend (I don't understand what he wants to say!), named by French, this tiny small tribe, a postal card. That was a first french lesson by mail." Okay, I think it is almost that! I love your site! Bye :)



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