The postcard story -

In October of 2003, on a late evening tram ride back to our hotel in Amsterdam a lady left a straw bag on the tram. I, Keith, tried to catch her but by the time he had spied the bag she was quite a ways away. After taking the bag back to our hotel we looked through it and there was nothing in it but a couple of pamphlets.

This intrigued me, Keith, and I thought that leaving things, on trams, buses and in hotel rooms for people to find, would be fun. It would especially be fun if they could tell you about how and when they found it.

Our next stop was London to pick up a rental car and tour Cornwall in the UK. While on the plane over there I came up with an idea that we carried out on this trip and all the other trips that we have taken since. After talking it over we decided that postcards would be just the thing for this fun project.

At the first stationary store we came across we got envelopes and postcards, making sure that a standard post card would fit in them and we were on our way. The first notes, to tell people what to do with the cards were hand written. After we got home from the trip we decided to translate the instruction in 6 languages and printed them out on cards with a computer.

The first postcard was left on October 23, 2003 and since that time we have left over 275 postcards in 8 different countries and in 20 different states. We have received over 88 postcards back.

The exciting thing about this is that you never know when you will have a postcard in your mailbox and you never know what it is going to say. Click on any of the postcard links and enjoy reading them.

We hope that you have as much fun reading them as we had leaving them and receiving them. - Keith & Nancy