Date left: April 30, 2006
Date found: April 30, 2006

Days: 0

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)


Postcard text: Hi there. We found the card the same day you left it there, the 30 of April 2006. so, it didn't fit very well! : ) It fell down from the table and touched my leg and that's why we found it on the floor. We forgot to post the card in Amsterdam, therefore we do it here in switzerland, where we live. Ursi & Vinc Let us know when you got the card.

Note from Keith & Nancy: This was the first card that was mailed from another country than the one it was left in. It has a nice Swiss stamp on it. From time to time we run out of our preferred tape and are unable to find a place to buy it. When that happens the card isn't hidden for very long.

If you are going to visit Amsterdam, here is a great site:

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