Date left: May 3, 2006
Date found: May 3, 2006

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)


Postcard text: - hey... your buddy dropped me in a dark alley. Fortunately these kind & helpful Canadians have found me. So, here i am inviting you to Amsterdam. From Calgary Come to the Calgary Stampede in July

Note from Keith: By now were were well along with the postcard project. By May 3 , 2006 we had left right at 100 postcards. I came up with the bright idea of leaving stamped and addressed postcards just lying around in various obvious places just to see what would happen. This car was dropped in an ally and as you can see it was found by two canadians. Out of about 20 that were left between 5/3/08 and 5/10/09 we've gotten 8 back. These will be interspersed in the next few cards. This card was dropped on Calverstraat in Amsterdam.

If you are going to visit Amsterdam, here is a great site:

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