Date left: May 4, 2006
Date found: May 4, 2006

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland)


Postcard text: -We found this card in the train and hope you know wrote this unfinished card.


Note from Keith: This is another of the drop cards. It was left on a train from Amsterdam to Utrecht. We were headed to Utrecht to find a motorcycle rental shop which was actually in a little town a tram ride away. As I recall, because I wasn't being as attentive as I should have been, I was able to watch Nancy head off down the tracks on the tram. Fortunately, we were able to reconnect without much difficulty. We ultimately found the Motorcycle shop, it was hidden away and a little hard to find if you didn't have a car or a motorcycle. In addition to the bikes they rented they also had any safety gear you might like to have like boots, gloves, chaps, etc. We have yet to make it back there to rent a motorcycle.

On reconnecting with Nancy. It was actually pretty easy since she had a cell phone with her. I just called the cell, from a pay phone, and we coordinated what we were going to do. Cell phones aren't all that expensive and it came in handy quite a few times. We didn't anticipate being separated or we would have thought harder about getting two of them.

If you are going to visit Amsterdam, here is a great site:

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