Date left: May 12, 2006
Date received: October 27, 2006

Days: 168

London, UK



Note from Keith: We have no clue what they say on the card. However, we would really like to have a translation from a natural speaker. We would be happy to give you credit for your work. Click here to see a VERY LARGE version of the postcard which might help you see the words better.

Translation of Postcard: Hello Mr Stubblefield. Steffi found this postcard under the desk as she was afraid there would be a chewing gum under the desk...Helene opened the letter, as Steffi was afraid it could be a money letter from the Mafia. We don't have anything to do with the Mafia, we are from Germany. Here some more details:  Helene: I'm an author and go to the 12th grade school class. Steffi was holding her breath while opening the letter (because of poisoning powder from the Mafia) Steffi: I'm going to school, as I want to be an actor. Nino from my school is a asshole because he found a tiny skinny girlfriend (not like me). Now I'm sad. I hope you are happy that we wrote you this. Steffi: If you shoot a movie from this book i would like to be an actor in it.

Note: Our thanks go to the translator, who would like to be un-named. He is a Huge friend of our oldest daughter.

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