Date left: February 19, 2007
Date found: February 20, 2007

Days: 1

Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Postcard text: Feb. 20, 2007 Dear Keith - I actually found this on a park bench at the Rjkes Museum - Amsterdam - Stuck it in my bag, and took it back with me to Jerusalem! So I am mailing it from here! My kids & I took a trip to Amsterdam from Israel. I am from Denver, Colorado and my two daughters moved to Israel in 2004. so I am living there for the year. My husband has been working in Sweden. So we met in Amsterdam. Carol R...... S.....

Note from Keith & Nancy: Here is why Carol found the card at the Rjkes Museum and not the Van Gogh Museum. We went to the Van Gogh Museum, BTW some of the tram drivers have fun messing with tourists and pronounce the name using proper Dutch pronunciation, and planned to leave a card, so, I prepared it ahead of time. We weren't going to leave it in the museum proper but in the cafe that they have there. Unfortunately, when we finished looking around at all the wonderful paintings the cafe was closed. So to not waste a card I set it on a bench inside the gate at the Rjkes Museum.

Also, this card was left in The netherlands and was mailed from Israel. There are only a couple like that.

If you are going to visit Amsterdam, here is a great site:

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