Date left: February 21, 2007
Date found: January 18, 2008

Days: 331

Luxembourg City - Luxembourg


Postcard text: Best Greetings from Luxembourg. I found your card when I had dinner at "EMS" on Friday january 28th. It was a rainy day and I ordered mussels, who are excellent at "EMS". I am retired, aged of 76 years and live about 12 KM from the capitol in a village named MOUTFORT. I wish you a very great success with your campaign. With my best regards. T.... J...

Note from Keith & Nancy: The EMS resturant is right across the street from the train station in Luxembourg City. we have eaten theri twice and both times the food was delicious. So, if you are hungry when you get off the train look across the street and eat at the EMS cafe.

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